Unveiling the August Wine Club Selections at First Street Wine Company

The time has come to introduce the splendid August Wine Club offerings from renowned wineries, carefully selected to elevate the wine-tasting experience to new heights. Prepare to be captivated by an exquisite range of reds and whites, thoughtfully chosen to showcase the artistry and passion of these esteemed vineyards.


Connoisseurs Red Club

2019 Zinfandel from Vina Robles Winery


The 2019 Zinfandel from Vina Robles Winery showcases the meticulous care taken in crafting each bottle. Grapes were grown on the winery’s acclaimed Hospitality Center, Pleasant Valley, and Jardine vineyards, handpicked and sorted during the cool morning hours to preserve their optimal flavors.


Following a gentle crushing, the fruit underwent fermentation in small stainless steel tanks, incorporating various techniques to enhance fruit extraction and mouthfeel. The wine then matured for an impressive 20 months in French and American oak barrels, acquiring rich complexities and a smooth texture. To add depth and mouthfeel, a touch of Petite Sirah was masterfully blended in.


Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Dark plum and raspberry, complemented by amaretto, coffee, and caramel with hints of white pepper and coriander.
  • Taste: Medium-bodied with delightful notes of blue and red fruits, balanced acidity, and a smooth, lingering finish.

2019 Grevino Pinot Noir


The 2019 Grevino Pinot Noir is a beautiful expression of this beloved grape variety. Its expressive nose invites you with enticing scents of cranberry, strawberry, dill, black pepper, and black tea, which gracefully carry through to the flavor profile on the palate. Despite its 14.2% alcohol content, this Pinot Noir maintains a silky smoothness, making it incredibly easy to enjoy.


The palate boasts ripe and balanced notes of roasted red fruits, including plum, strawberry, and red cherry, with subtle undertones of red currant, tamarind, redwood bark, and baking chocolate. Well-rounded and ripe, the wine is accompanied by moderate acidity and a velvety finish, creating an elegant balance that will enchant your taste buds.

Connoisseurs White Club

2016 Panthera Chardonnay


The Panthera Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley is a wine that exemplifies the subtle power found within the realm of winemaking. This wine embraces the bright acidity crafted by the region’s cool climate, which gracefully balances with the harmonious interplay of fruit, oak, and time.


Tasting Notes

  • Rich and creamy upon entry, revealing notes of lemon curd, créme brulee, and candied lemon peel, followed by beautiful layers of stone fruit.


The winemaking process at Panthera incorporates cutting-edge technology at their Lions Head Cellar, allowing their winemakers to craft wines of exceptional quality. With an optical sorter ensuring only the highest quality berries are selected, and state-of-the-art tanks facilitating constant monitoring and micro-adjustments, Panthera wines are a true reflection of their distinctive origins.




2019 Moillard Mâcon-Villages ‘Les Eduens’


The 2019 Moillard Mâcon-Villages ‘Les Eduens’ offers a taste of the warmth of Southern Burgundy. This regional appellation, grown in 43 communes within the Mâcon-Villages appellation, boasts flavors that head straight to yellow fruits, offering hints of mango and overall richness. An edge of acidity gracefully balances the wine, resulting in a remarkably long and satisfying finish.


Tasting Notes and Pairing

  • Color: Nice pale gold.
  • Nose: Delicate floral and apple aromas with a hint of fresh almond.
  • Palate: Supple and charming with flavors of white peach, lemon, and a beautiful minerality.


This pleasant wine pairs wonderfully as an “apéritif” with salty finger foods such as chips, crackers, peanuts, and olives. It also serves as an ideal companion to poultry or veal in cream sauce, creamy risotto with meat, and all types of fish.

First Street Wine Company is excited to present the August Wine Club release, featuring a celebration of the artistry and passion showcased by renowned wineries. From the vibrant and complex reds to the elegant and refreshing whites, these wines are sure to delight every palate. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning your journey into the world of wine, this collection offers something extraordinary to savor and cherish. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unparalleled quality and flavors of these remarkable wines. Join the Wine Club now and savor the pleasures of the August Wine Club release!